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Back From The Ashes AA/FA

Farming family from central IL.
Started Drag racing in the late 80s after a friend took me to the US Nationals. Our first car was a super pro altered that ran 6.20 at our local 1/8 mile track.
From my first national event as a spectator, the experience of the first Nitro warmup changed me forever. With that the dream started, the dream of having my own Fuel Car.
Working on and driving drag racing cars for the next 30 years is how we ended up here to today. With the purchase of a used Nitro funny car chassis in 2017 and a plan for a fuel altered we started gathering parts. 
Wanting to learn and ready to work, Joe Haas asked john Lawson if i could tag along in 2018 to help with his two car funny car team. Joe was the driver of Johns second car, the Green Car !
The fall of 2019 Lisa and John gave me the opportunity of a life time, licensing runs in the Green Car. We made the runs at Route 66 on a Friday TNT and finished that night. 
Building a third car for John in the winter of 2019 and a big 2020 season planned, and devastation hit in February of 2020. 
The call came, John's shop is on fire and with that call everything changed. After the fire John calls, come get this racing stuff and see what you guys can do with it. We have been doing that since the call !
We cleaned and rebuilt all the parts we could and put the Fuel altered together, (Back From The Ashes). 
With plans to finish a new car for john in 2022 with the rest of all those parts. 

Lisa, John and their family and crew 

My guys, your the best, this thing doesn't move without you. 
Kim Dove (My wife)
Scott Shear (The Chief)
Curt Logue  (The guy that started it all)
Shawn Evans (Crew)

Joe Haas (Crew)
Joey Haas (Crew)

Hank Perry ( Crew) !

Send It !

Checkered Flag


Where Would We Be Without Them?

Thank you to our Sponsors !


Thank you to the Lawson Family
Fuel Cars Make People Happy 🇺🇸


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